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Producing is a bit of a nebulous term thrown around a lot in different aspects of film, TV and/or corporate events. Here we are defining producing as: 

  • Writing

  • Directing 

  • Overseeing Production On Set

  • Overseeing Post Production 

A Producer is a critical role for bigger, higher budget productions. Often a producer will:

  • Meet with clients / Zoom meetings

  • Help to craft scripts to cover client expectations

  • Oversee production / shoot dates

  • Give direction to the editors to ensure all is wrapped up accordingly

The truth is, planning and effectively producing a compelling video, TV show or film is a rare skillset. Making sure the writing is effective and compelling for actors or hosts, camera angles are correct, scenes are appropriately lit is a rare skillset.

  • Does an on camera personality address the camera, or address an interviewer? 

  • Should it be shot 'head to tow' or as a 'head and shoulders'? 

  • When blocking a TV show, what angle is most effective and pleasing to the viewer? 

  • Should lighting be flattering for the on camera talent or interesting to the end consumer? (How are both scenarios achieved, cost effectively and time efficiently.)

  • What camera will best tell the story?

  • Are multiple cameras required?

These are all questions that often only a seasoned Producer will be able to address. 

CreativeProfessionals founder, Kel Thompson, brings vast experience in corporate production, award winning TV and Film producing and will personally oversee all aspects of production for your project! 

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